Terms and conditions


1.0 Contract of Purchase / Sale transaction contract between
UAB Art Vetus, Klaipeda, Lithuania – the owner of the URL Domain https://www.ambertrade.eu, hereafter called the “Seller”,
and the Customer of the webshop at https://www.ambertrade.eu hereafter called the “Buyer”.



For every purchase, login to the customer account on https://www.ambertrade.eu is essential.
Prior to the initial, first purchase, it is necessary to register a personal customer account.
The Buyer guarantees that all personal and sensitive financial data of a Buyer will be safeguarded in strict accordance to according to all legal requirements of the Republic of Lithuania, on top of the European Union laws on GDPR.

The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered effectively formed from the moment the Buyer confirms His/Her “Order“ by click or equivalent, after He / She has chosen the requested item or items, and has formed the shopping cart.
Items‘ ordering and payment are confirmed by VAT invoice which is sent to the indicated e-mail or with the delivery of commodities.

In order to enter into a mutually legally binding contract agreement for the purchase of a commodity, the Seller’s e-mail confirmation is necessary.

Every contract entered between the Buyer and the Seller is registered and stored in our secured webshop database.

The buyer has a right to buy commodities in the webshop according to these rules and following the shop-set order.

If the buyer aims for harmful damage to the technical workability by deliberate limitation of its secure and stable operation, the Seller may terminate the Buyer‘s ability to use the webshop services without prior notice. In explicit situations, instant permanent removal of the Buyer‘s customer account shall take effect.

The Buyer must confirm acceptance of the ordered items by payment ahead of dispatch.

If during the delivery of the commodities the Buyer refuses to accept them, the Buyer must cover the expenses of the delivery.

All items offered for sale by means of the webshop https://www.ambertrade.eu , are subject to availability.
The Seller reserves the right to impose quantity limits on any order, to reject entire or partial orders, and to discontinue offering items without prior notice, even if the Buyer should have placed an order for a particular item unavailable.

All sales prices on the webshop may be subjected to changes without prior notice.
The Seller shall not be liable for the lack of items in stock, or for unavailable products.
The Buyer acknowledges that after His/Her order is confirmed, no requests for changes or cancellation can be considered by the Seller, as the logistical delivery process is commencing immediately after the completion of the order and payment.

The actual transportation dispatch times are dependent on the availability of courier schedules.
Any indications stipulated here in relation to the estimated delivery times are always subject to any delays as a result of postal and courier delays.
Situations of force majeure as per the legal definitions of the postal and courier services involved, free the Seller from responsibility.

Any commercial resale or distribution of Amber Collection products sold on the ambertrade.eu retail section of its webshop is strictly prohibited.
For commercial wholesale importation, please refer to the “Wholesale” section on the webshop http://www.ambertrade.eu .

Some data, including prices, may be inaccurately displayed on the Seller’s webshop due to unintended editorial typographic errors.
While the Seller strives to avoid these errors, they are not disclosed from an occurrence.

The Seller reserves the right to correct the unintended errors as they become known. However, erroneous inaccuracies of prices edited cannot remain honored by the Seller.
If a product’s listed price is lower than its actual price, the Seller will, at His discretion, either contact the Buyer for His/Her instructions before shipping the product or cancel the order upon notification of the Buyer about and the reason for it.

If in such case the order has been meanwhile shipped, the Buyer agrees to either return the product or to pay the difference between the actual correct and the price charged by the erroneously listed price.
In any of such situations, the Seller afore apologizes to anyone and assures of no trace of deliberate intent leading to very rare errors.

The Seller’s prices are subject to change without notice.
The price of any goods will be as quoted on the Sellers webshop https://www.ambertrade.eu, except in above mentioned, rarely occurring editing errors.

The prices are including Lithuanian VAT, but are exclusive of delivery charges, which will be added to the total amount.
The official Lithuanian prices of DPD and DHL Express courier services apply.
Please refer to DPD
or to DHL Express

The prices are subject to changes at times, but will not affect any current and completed orders which are in the progression of delivery.

The Seller, UAB Art Vetus (UAB is the Lithuanian abbreviation for a joint stock company), and its internet Domain URL https://www.ambertrade.eu is since over a decade is a certified member of the International Amber Association seated in the city of Gdansk, Poland.

All metals used in the Sellers jewellery craft are guaranteed to be of the kind and quality stated.

Any items which the Buyer believes to be defective craft produce should be returned to the Seller within 14 days of purchase for fair refund consideration.

“Visa“ and “MasterCard“ credit and debit cards are accepted

Payments by Paypal are accepted.

By bank transfer from the Buyer to the Seller’s bank account.
The banking details of this webshop, AmberTrade.eu , part of UAB Art Vetus, for all money transfer payments to figures of amounts in EUR, are:

UAB “ART VETUS”, Poilsio str.7, Klaipėda LT-93200, Lithuania
IBAN, European Intl. Bank Account No. :  LT98 7044 0600 0546 7485
Held with: AB SEB BANKAS

For payment transfers from overseas, additionally:


Please note that it is possible to wire money to the above bank account from any country with any convertible currency. It will be credited in Euro to the sales price.
From non-Euro currency and non-EU countries overseas, like the United States, Canada, Australia, UAE, or India, please be aware of the internal conversion rates of your and our banking organization.


We undertake to deliver the goods to the address specified by the buyer.

The delivery time within Lithuania can take up to 3 working days from the moment of completed order and payment:

a. EU/EEA wide excluding off-shore territories up to 10 days,

b. Worldwide outside the EU/EAA area for up to 3 weeks on Incoterms-based DAF ( Delivered At Frontier ) or DDU ( Delivered Duty Unpaid ).
Wherever possible, your custom will be delivered to your shipping address outside the EU/EEA on DDU terms. In this case, it is your sole responsibility to complete the local customs clearance in the post of delivery. In this option, the receipt by a frontier customs office is considered an effective delivery.
In countries and territories where a delivery to the shipping address stated in the purchase order would not be possible without prior issuance of local customs duties, the delivery will be taking place based on DDU terms, usually to the local customs frontier or an authorized local postal authority to handle duty due parcels,

c. Deliveries to EU and EEA offshore territories or dependencies, for example, the Canary Islands, Dutch Antilles, French Caribbean, and Polynesian Islands are always conducted on DAF Incoterms basis,

d. Deliveries to non-EU overseas like the United Kingdom and its overseas territories and dependencies, including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, and Bermuda, to name a few, are always on DAF Incoterms basis,

All goods are delivered by DPD ( Deutscher Paket Dienst ) or DHL EXPRESS courier services.
At the explicit request of the Buyer, it is possible to send the parcel by classic postal service. However, this is no standard and the Buyer shall discuss his request by phone with the Seller. Tel. +370 68631576, prior to completing the online order,

The Buyer is requested to provide the following data in the delivery section of the order:
a. Exact delivery address, including possible apartment number,

b. Mobile phone number including country dial code prefix,

( The courier service may contact the Buyer by phone to liaise on the delivery of the parcel to the home)

Upon the delivery of the goods to the Buyer, the Buyer must, in presence of the Seller’s authorized representative, in this case usually the deliverer (courier), check the condition of the consignment and the goods, and sign the consignment delivery-acceptance document.
When the Buyer signs the acceptance of the delivery document for the consignment, it is considered final acceptance of the goods delivered in a proper condition.

If the Buyer notices that the packaging or goods of the delivered consignment are damaged, the Buyer should remark this in the delivery receipt issued by the parcel courier service, and sign additionally next to the remark notice.
If the Buyer fails to perform these actions, the Seller is released from liability against the Buyer for damage to the goods, if the cause for the occurrence of such damage is not a production defect.

The Seller is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery when the goods are not successfully delivered to the Buyer, when:

a. are not delivered on time due to the fault of third parties – particularly the involved courier shipping service, the involved customs offices in non-EU/EEA countries, or the Customs’ Office official agents,

b. by Buyer’s failure of:

– personal reception of courier delivery or picking up an advised parcel in the local courier parcel center if the first delivery to the address went unsuccessful due to the absence of the Buyer or authorized receiver,

– due to circumstances beyond the Buyer’s control.

The detailed information about goods sold by ambertrade.eu webshop, shall be provided with the description of each item.

The colour, shape, or other parameters of the items presented in the webshop may slightly differ from the actual size, shape, and colour or hue, for three reasons:
a. as to the individual digital display settings and colour calibration of the Buyers screen, and / or the technical nature of the Buyers device on which the ordered item has been viewed prior to order.

b. Every piece of Amber that is worked into jewellery and artifacts, is all natural and organic, and never is being meddled with different substances. It is by natural physical definition always exclusive and unique, and differs very minimal in natural hue and pattern, even if worked into a continuously made model.

c. Baltic Amber is extremely responsive to the intensity, angle, and sources of natural and artificial light play. Basically, this makes up for its attractive nature as aesthetically dynamic and superior to all organic gems.
The items are presented online with the best-skilled media intention and conscious imagination of the modes of technical remote display presentation and are shown as they are. The ongoing production of models is made from carefully pre-selected pieces. There will always remain the tiny yet enjoyable element of natural, exclusive random.
Therefore, such minimal discrepancies shall not be considered as a minor quality of the item, or inconsistencies with the online description of the item.

The Buyer shall retain the legal consumer right to return the item only within the aforementioned return period of 14 days when shipped to the EU/EEA area.
In the case of return of purchase, the Buyer shall post the parcel by registered postal mail or licensed courier service to the Seller’s premises, at the address, UAB Art Vetus AmberTrade.eu amber workshops at:
UAB Art Vetus , Putinų gatvė 3, Purmalių Kaimas LT-92443 , Klaipeda, Lithuania.

For shipments to outside the EU/EEA area the European legal consumer right of return within 14 days without the need for justification, does not apply.
Claims to return and change of item because of obvious reasons of damage or production fault remain considerable upon the Seller’s best fair discretion.

The timely returned item must be undamaged, have no signs of mechanical damage, is not affected in marketable appearance, should contain all original labels, quality certificates, and immaculate original packaging, and show no traces of use, particularly wear and tear.
In case of any defects of the item or its packaging or signs of wear and tear, the withdrawal from the purchase and sale agreement by the Buyer shall not be accepted. The Seller has the right to accept the returned item and reject a refund of the purchase value money to the Buyer.
In such case, the Buyer shall retain the right to be sent a new parcel of the item from the Seller again, at the Buyer’s cost.

End of Terms of Conditions.

To our membership and meaning of the International Amber Association, to You. Not least about our reputation.

Besides Klaipeda, our city, and Riga of Latvia, the City of Gdansk is the largest historical child settlement of the ancient-time Amber trade and obviously continues to be the contemporary Center of the World Amber Trade and Amber Art Culture.
The International Amber Association is the world’s most competent, regarded chamber authority on all issues and aspects around Amber.
Becoming a certified member of the IAA takes much Amber expertise, a world market reputation, and the right cultural attitude.
This fact about the Seller will guarantee the Buyer to only be offered pure and genuine Baltic Amber, (Succinum, Electrum) as jewellery and artifacts crafted in the Seller’s premises, just a few steps off the Lithuanian Baltic Amber Sea shores.