Gentlemen, welcome to Amber.

Nature created Baltic Amber (also known as Succinum) 40 million years ago. It is a solidified, but not mineralised pine tree resin from the protocontinent of present-day Scandinavia, an amorphous 100% organic stuff made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Amber is a high molecular compound of organic acids having over 20 chemical basic components.
Amber’s colour changes and is unstable, ranging from pale yellow to practically white to reddish brown, grey, and black.
It might be clear, semi-translucent, or opaque.

If magic exists, it is Amber.

Since the late Iron Age, men have appreciated and worn Baltic Amber.
Amber jewellery was reserved for the elite of Goths and Vikings in Scandinavia, and it was revered and worn by Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans throughout the Mediterranean.
Mr Roderick D. Stewart is one of several contemporary well-known male celebrities who is frequently spotted wearing his empowering amulet pendants and Baltic Amber bracelets.
Because this part is about male jewellery, we leave out numerous historical and modern female Amber jewellery aficionados.
Dr Robert Koch has finally decoded the whole biochemical, anti-inflammatory characteristics of Succinum in academic science.
Today, the phrase is utilised by pharmacology to refer to the powerful universal natural anti-inflammatory yet adaptogenic agent Succinic acid, which is considerably helping the maintenance and cure of hair, skin, bone, and flesh, as well as males today.

Welcome back to Amber, gentlemen!

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