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Decades of experience and carefully transmitted native Baltic and Amber heritage from antiquity allow us to create the collection while taking into account local customs from around the world, modern culture, and client-specific requirements.

We offer fine bracelets, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for ladies, gentlemen, and teenage children in over 100 natural Amber colours and nearly a thousand natural hues. Art Vetus’ Amber jewellery designs, as well as collector Amber nuggets with original Eocene fauna inclusions, semi-finished beads and parts, are sold all over the world.

Retail sales are taking place on this webshop, and we will ship your order by registered mail within one working day.

For wholsale export inquiries, please refer to the wholsale section of this website.

This is authentic and pure natural Baltic Amber ( lat. gr. Succinum , Electrum ) from the famous marshlands and coast of the Curonian Spit. It is the oldest and most vital of organic gems.

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