UAB ART Vetus – Ambertrade.eu is the direct source of Baltic Amber wholesale exports from Lithuania.
We obtain freshly lifted and fished amber, create sophisticated jewellery and artefacts, and offer our goods through conventional wholesale export to the entire world.
Only premium-quality jewellery produced from pure organic Baltic Amber is being sold.

Our assortment was developed with decades of expertise in mind, taking into consideration global, regional, traditional, modern, and client-specific tastes, trends, preferences, and demands.

We, UAB Art Vetus provide beads, rosaries, prayer beads, as well as semi-finished amber goods for use by our global colleagues who are jewellery designers and craftsmen, all from premium quality natural organic Baltic Amber.

Additionally, we offer genuine natural bug inclusions dating to the Proto-Scandinavian Eocene naturally entombed in Baltic Amber nuggets.

In recognition of UAB Art Vetus’ established reputation in the international gem trade business, the International Amber Association, which has its headquarters in Gdansk, Poland, granted us certified membership more than ten years ago.

This means that if you do business with us on a global scale, we have the best qualitative and useful references to ensure your admission.

We are delighted to have You as a client. Vidmantas Urbutis, CEO of UAB Art Vetus, Klaipeda, Lithuania
After receiving your request, we will respond within two business days with the most personalised and consistently satisfying information.