Natural Baltic Amber Earrings – Dangle Drop – Cognac >Teak >Yukon Gold Colour – EA/LAS/AN/XL/POL/K-0262

Natural Baltic Amber cognac color polished dangle drop shape earrings.
Length: ∼ 6cm | ~2,36 inches
Weight: ∼ 11g
Drop size: ∼4cm x 2cm

* please keep in mind that the item you will receive will be very similar to the one shown. However, there will never be two identical pieces in a pattern. The best organic exclusivity available.


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Art Vetus:

This ancient Scandinavian pine tree resin dates back 35 to 50 million years. Baltic Amber is available in over 300 natural shades, with the most common being honey, green, cherry, cognac, citrine, and butterscotch.
Amber is the oldest and most important organic gem.

Please keep in mind that Amber is extremely light responsive and constantly changes its appearance to adapt to changing daylight and indoor ambient.